Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well yesterday Scottland upper tooth cut through poor baby while the other top one is coming soon. Now he also decided to tear off a metal handle on the dresser it was the second drawer and the screws were still in the drawer. Now I need to buy new handles for the drawers one that are strong enough to handle Scottland. Also got new pics of Scottland dragging my mom's cat, Monty, around by the tail. Can't wait till we recieve the papers for the divorce because once we get married need to start working on building the rest of the family..I know my mom wants more grandkids like Scottland. I know Jeremy's parents wouldn't mind more either.
Still kind of getting the hang of this thing I hope I can set something up like the albums I have at myspace here.

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Garry Family said...

I wouldn't mind more either lol. Although I am too freakin far away but oh my Scottland is a cute boy!