Monday, November 17, 2008

New Interactive Games

Well with our DirecTv system we have the GameLounge & OnDemand service...for free of course since we work there. Now Jeremy has hooked up the karaoke machine to the 60" screen downstairs so when he downloads the karaoke from OnDemand he can sing along to it, of course you know it is still terrible sounding unless it's a bass or baritone but it's the thought of trying right?

The GameLounge is great you can play online or on the reciever. Jeremy and I play each night a couple rounds of Skip-Bo and there are also some good games Scottland likes watching. He still would rather put the remote in his mouth rather than play with the buttons. But Scottland loves playing with his ball and he really enjoys watching the Kids Sprout and BabyFirstTv. He's has already learned to clap. Since there is a segment on the BabyFirstTv that is called "I Can Sign" he has learnd sign language for the word sleep, cookie, and ball. He still does them a little awkrward and off but that's to be expected by one is onlly 9mo. One of Scottland's favorite things to do is clap and knock his stack of rings down. He also like to try and pull all of his clothes out of his drawers and put his toys in them. Guess he is trying to be helpful by cleaning his room?

Well it's getting late, so I'm going to retire off to bed. Have a nice night.

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