Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Exciting Day

Alright so this is the start of my blogspot. Quite interesting I must say still need to get the hang of this but I'm sure I'll manage. So to start off I'm slowly intergrating from Myspace to here.

Today was an excellent day, while my mom and I were watching BabyFirstTv with Scottland he stood up and took his first 3 steps assistance whatsoever! I quickly ran down stairs after waking Jeremy up to tell him the news and by the time I came back upstairs with my phone Scottland was taking another 4 steps then plopped right onto the carpet. He then began to grab at Monty's tail again which he does quite often when Monty is sight.

We also went to Walmart to pick up a few items for dinner, we're having Chinese, and what was needed to make our Christmas spiders. This being a much more calm and relaxing day then yesterday. At work I was cursed and screamed at by an elderly woman who claimed to have been in the military but was angry, by the way she was a pending account so she hadn't been a customer yet, because the sales rep asked for her social security number. Now for those of you who don't know companies such as DirecTv & Dish ask for a ssn to run a credit report, now when she refused it required her to put a 200 dollar deposit down. I was trying to use an analogy of how they run credit reports when you purchase a car, but all this woman did was say how I voted for the wrong person (because she magicaly has the power to know who I voted for) and said that I was too young to know anything and that our country sends our children to college just to be stupid. Now I was even surprised with myself on how calm I was able to be, but I just kept trying to explain to her why the rep had asked for that information, she still wouldn't have it claimed her daughter was a DA and we were going to be sued & that I was a (explitive) and hung up on me...thankfully the next lady I had on the phone was a very sweet woman. It just brings to my attention that no matter how old you are, while you still want to respect your elders..some people don't really deserve but you can listen to them out of courtesy but not necessarily have to fuel their fire. Silence is a good response, because some people no matter your age just do not carry the intelligent logical capacity as you may expect of them.


Jenn said...

Congrats on the walking... YIPPIE!!!

Garry Family said...

I love that you guys have ablog now! I like to hear how everyones day was. Miss you guys!!!